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Folks, 2021 turned out to be quite the unusual year. Our ministry, including my own travel and outreach plus that of Annabelle's Furnishing Families of Texas, continues to be more effective than ever on almost every front. 

Our Partners are the ones who continue to make our missions possible. These fruits bring us to a level of commitment in making as big of an impact that we can with what resources we have, so thank you so much for your continued loyalty and partnership!

If you'd like to be a part of this important thrust into 2022, potentially a year of more normalcy that will enable us to continue every program we have, you can simply fill out the form, or see other options below.

All donations postmarked before December 31 will be eligible for deduction on your 2021 taxes, and giving receipts will be sent if applicable. 

Thank you again for continuing to partner with us!
Lance and Annabelle Wallnau

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