Gift 1: 27-Minute video explains the Prophetic Word given to Donald Trump and how you can  helped him
Gift 2: 10 Prophetic Insights about Trump...
  • 1. He is raised up as a “wrecking ball” for the benefit of the nation.
  • 2. Trump is an Isaiah 45 “Cyrus Ruler”
  • 3. His advisors will determine his success or failure.
  • 4. His success will be proportionate to the unity of the church and its agreement in intercession impacting his advisors. 
  • 5. He is raised up for what is coming… a “Chaordic” period of time, including an economic “reset.”
  • 6. He is a “common grace” vessel who does not know the Lord as he will know the Lord through divine encounter experienced in the crucible of his service.
  • 7. Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, is a key. She is sensitive to the prophetic in the same way that Pilate’s wife had dreams that were connected to her husband. His entire house is called to the service of the Nation.
  • 8. The chaos that will manifest against him will be a demonic backlash against the authority of his anointing under common grace.
  • 9. The division among evangelicals regarding Trump will expose a fault line in the church. The result will redefine kingdom leadership for the next decade – and advance some voices that have been hidden.
  • 10. As Cyrus authorized Nehemiah to “Build the wall” around Jerusalem. A new energy will come into social reformers and intercessors to spiritually rebuild the crumbled wall around the United States. They will work hand in hand with Ezra’s, an apostolic company of teachers and church builders who will help strengthen the hands of neighborhood, city wide and regional Nehemiah’s seeking to rebuild communities during the coming “reset.” 
Gift 3: What is a "chaos" candidate? And why America needs one...
When Jeb Bush referred to Donald Trump as “the chaos candidate” he may have been tapping into something more prophetic than he thought. America is already in chaos and heading into an unprecedented election battle in 2016. The political death sentence has already been decreed on Trump’s Presidential prospects. The Left is pushing a long -awaited transformation of this country from capitalism to socialism, as Hillary Clinton becomes the third act in the Soros and progressive funded multi-stage dismantling of the United States. Who would have ever believed there would be a popular socialist movement? In every area as Christian consensus dissolves, strife rises up to take its place. The devil now pits battles between male and female, rich and poor, socialism vs free enterprise and black against white.

I remember when the Lord spoke to me about Trump, at a time when there were still 15 or so candidates contending for the nomination. I heard in my spirit: “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.” I wondered how far he would go. The answer I heard will surprise you.

Most people forget what was happening when Trump emerged.

You could hear the eggshells under the soft feet of Christians trying to figure out how to respond to “safe places” on campus and inner cities burning. As left wing activists kept popping up at every hot spot of discontent many believers could sense that something insidious was being orchestrated. Few to none of us understand what was at work - or who was funding it. (We can talk about funding later.) All we knew was that the ugly spirit of racism was rising up and Christians were shocked to see it coming back after such a long period of racial harmony - especially in the church community. ISIS was on a rampage (targeting Christians) and the Supreme Court was advancing the LGBT agenda in a manner that shell shocked conservatives. With the White House bathed in a rainbow and the embers of inner cities still burning, and incidents of home grown terror and border invasion ignored by leaders in both parties, the church in America was caught flat footed and confused. Many were mingled in a grassroots movement of outraged Americans fueled by conservative talk radio, Fox TV, and journalism like the Drudge Report.

Who shapes the evangelical community? The center of gravity points to a handful of media outlets, half a dozen Non Profits, a few Mega Churches, and a batter’s bench of well-known preachers. As a rule, preachers don’t gain anything by engaging in political battles so they avoid them. This “avoidance” condition is widespread in the body of Christ. Christians want to believe that in the end the church will win more influence by simply being nice. The mistake in this strategy is simple - the radical Progressive agenda is driven by a demonic spirit. Therefore, it will not leave Christians alone. The Left is ideologically committed to your conversion or eradication. The utopia they envision cannot happen with you resisting them. In this sense the radical Left is not unlike radical Jihadists. For this reason, the LGBT battering ram will keep hunting down Christians in business and driving them out of business. It is a forgone conclusion among Mega churches that the loss of their nonprofit status is the secular end game within 4 years.

The groups who fight conservatives and Christians are funded and better organized than conservatives and Christians. The climate change groups, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, etc. are run by the same group of political activists and donors. They periodically kick start new names for organizations as opportunity presents itself. Most Christians are clueless as to how the cultural battle is organized and fought.

Which brings us back to the “Chaos candidate”. Nobody unnerves radicals more than Trump. No candidate in history has ever stirred up so many devils at one time. Strap yourself in because the Left will manifest! Expect more criminal activity as already seen in shutting down highways, disrupting meetings, and throwing punches. In fact, the craziness will go to a whole new level – and Trump will be blamed.

Ted Cruz was looked to as the standard-bearer for the church and the constitution, but Cruz is no longer running. What should evangelical Cruz followers do?

It’s time we understood the connection between Trump and the church. It isn’t his orthodoxy that makes him important to us. Unlike Cruz, he is not an evangelical. It isn’t his ideological conservatism either. He is, in his own words a “practical conservative”. A definition that hardly satisfies the National Review. If it is not his ideology that makes him valuable, what is it the wrecking ball brings? It is one word, (if you are willing to accept it) - COURAGE! His BACKBONE. His willingness to voice his OPINION. The church is choking on fear. Trump, in a strange way, is the antidote.  

Evangelicals don’t want to be labeled as racist, Islamaphobic, or homophobic, for good reason - they aren’t. But the spirit of political correctness was strangling the life out of the nation’s evangelicals like a giant python until Trump came along. Donald Trump entered the conversation and like a bowling ball - he collided with pins and the tension lifted and refocused on him. In the place of carefully word crafted eggshell communication from oracles like Rubio and Cruz, an elephant named Donald entered, crushing shells under his feet. From the day of his first kamikaze commentary on John McCain till his utterance about vetting Muslims “till we can figure out what the hell is going on here,” he has been a lightning rod to the left, establishment right, two Mexican Presidents, and even the Pope, with the sure promise of more to come now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee.

I am for Donald Trump but I didn’t pursue the normal vetting process. I received Donald Trump as a divine assignment. The normal way to evaluate candidates is to compare them to one another. That is why I sympathize with followers of Ted Cruz. He was the logical evangelical conservative choice. I believe Ted will do more to shape America in the future, perhaps as a Supreme Court Justice. 

As I think about what is happening in America the thought keeps coming to me…

Donald Trump is Heaven’s choice for the chaos that is coming!

First off, looking at the data it is nearly impossible for Donald Trump to become President. Never before has a candidate gone into the process with the point spread he has between him and Hillary Clinton. This is one reason why I believe chaos will hit America between now and the election. The result will be a shift toward the right. If this chaos happens then Trump will take advantage of this. He is, if nothing else, an out of the box thinker. He has just the right combination of brass, intelligence, and prophetic intuition to be a leader who, like Churchill, will prove to be an asset for what is ahead. He is a “common grace” candidate. The term “common grace” is a theological term originating with the Reformers. This is the word that describes the grace of God working through secular individuals and institutions. It is the grace that keeps fallen man from universal anarchy and self-destruction.

The Cyrus Anointing…

I ran across a picture of Trump that said “Donald Trump 45th President of the United States.” Immediately the thought hit me “read Isaiah 45!” I was shocked by what I discovered. It’s about a king named Cyrus and he would not appear on the scene for another 100 years. Cyrus was a secular ruler. He was not a believer. He was “anointed” to do certain things “for Jacob my servant’s sake”. 

Check this out:

“Thus sayeth the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden…I will go before thee and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass…” (Isaiah 45:1-2).

Cyrus was called to be a wrecking ball – for the sake of God’s purposes.

Would God choose an outsider? A non-Jew - a heathen to lead His people? Consider this: “I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me” (Isaiah 45:4). In fact, the Lord says this twice!

(By the way, I shared this word with Mr. Trump and he took it to heart in the good way that I intended.)

Let me conclude with this word from my friend Rick Joyner:

“This political season is very revealing about how divided we are as a nation, and as the church. The apostle Paul rebuked the Corinthians for allowing themselves to be divided by the leaders they preferred, saying this proved that they were still carnal. We can also see this in the way Christians have responded to candidates.

“As you can read in the comments on this site, many just can't believe a real Christian could be for Cruz, and just as many can't believe a real Christian could be for Trump. It is valid and useful to promote the good points of the one you support, or the shortfalls of the other candidates, but when anyone starts questioning the faith of those who do not see things as they do they lose my respect. At worse this is manipulative and controlling in a way that I think is an enemy of the truth. The truth has more dignity and class than to bend to such cheap tactics.

“On our Board of Directors, we have members who support each of the Republican candidates, and several who are advisors to opposing candidates. One of the great encouragements I have is how they can patiently and sincerely listen to each other, and at times disagree, but completely without showing any disrespect for those they disagree with. I respect those who have the courage to be candid and straightforward about their opinions, as many of you do here, but I immediately lose respect for those who attack others who do not see as they do. That reveals that either they are very immature, or their position is so weak it cannot bear a real challenge.

Now wouldn't it be great if we had candidates that acted more mature?”

We MUST unify NOW!

Disgruntled Cruz followers and Trump followers have a rare moment to come together and present to Mr. Trump an agenda for what they want – BEFORE the Convention in Cleveland.

This is the moment for Evangelicals to get clear and unify as a movement to shape the future. True, we are divided and many are disillusioned. But this is the time to come together and have a conversation about what we must do to build a wall, spiritually around America – for our children’s sake if nothing else.

As One,
Lance Wallnau
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