Free Gift: Being In The Call Of God!
This is the testimony that inspired me to take the 7 mountains mandate to the nations! There is a prophetic spirit of elijah on this video! 

And now, after transforming nations around the globe for over 15 years with this powerful message - through live events, online resources, prayer and more - I feel the grace is beginning to lift on us just talking about changing the world at yet another meeting. 

Last year, at on our dream trip, I invited Senator Michael Crotts and his wife Phyllis to retell their story describing the moment the Senator died, met Jesus in Paradise and then was sent BACK into his mortal body to be God’s man in government!

Taking nations has to be more than just talking about it! It starts with by finding your assignment in the place of your calling and then being serious about stepping into it. 

This video is full circle for me, and I pray Senator Crotts story brings supernatural impartation and activation of the call of God on your life! 

As One,
Lance Wallnau

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