The Dream Trip Is Sold Out...
Everything in your past (good and bad) has been worked together by God to bring you to where you are today.
Something has changed in the atmosphere - now is the time to update your strategy and seize your mantle for your mountain. Can you hear it? Your future is calling you! Inside of you is a dream that just won’t leave you alone. Now is the moment. This Dream Trip is your time to GET CLEAR!

It’s time to go deep into who YOU really are. To celebrate the progress and courageously confront the patterns and influences shaping how you think, feel and behave. It’s time to take back control. To find your life’s unique strength, your unique calling and the OPEN DOOR God is setting before you.
On this Dream Trip you’ll get CLEAR, CONNECTED and COMMISSIONED into your ultimate dream!
You cannot answer God's call on your life or climb your mountains alone. If that were possible, we wouldn't need friends, coworkers, business partners, or families. We must learn how to build and nurture those relationships - and HOW TO PARTICIPATE in cultivating those relationships - or we will miss out on so much of God's plan. The elements that He places into our lives - especially the people - it's all for a reason.

The time is NOW to learn how to focus on relationships.
God has brought you to where you stand. Your relationships are the most crucial aspect of your entire life - are yours where they need to be? Do you have the support system in place that you need to fulfill God's plan?
Relationships are crafted over time, and are designed to support, encourage, and protect God's agenda for you and your life. Learning how to develop these relationships to benefit yourself and others is crucial, and it's what this year's Dream Trip is all about!
During this next season I want us to come together and work closer as brothers and sisters in helping each other take our mountains. 

So, I want to get as many people access to this life changing Dream Trip as possible! 

What will we do on this trip?
Discover how to build relationships that contain and support the agenda of God
Find mentors, coworkers, and people to support you, your business, and what you're doing
Find and create FLOW
Learn how to design a relationship support culture that can support you for the rest of your life
Attitudes, Interaction and Achievement (Level 1)
· May 5th -7th ·
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Don't ignore the call any longer!
Join us (virtually speaking, of course, via our LiveStream) this May 4-7, 2017, as we pray, coach, and prophesy you into CLARIFYING the needs of your relationships (both at home and work), LEARN how to find and create FLOW, and nurture the support system GOD has given you!  
Your relationships are what support and strengthen God’s plan for your life. Is there anything you can imagine would be THIS important? Me, neither.
Remember, it's your job to make sure you're on track... but not only that you HAVE the support you need, but that you ARE the support for others you build relationships with.

Let's work on the focus of life - the important stuff. Together.
Answer: A lot!

Here’s a peek at what we have on the agenda and just a smidgen of what you’ll take away...
The Process Of Transformation!
A Level 10 Encounter!
Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning
Annabelle Wallnau
Lance Learning
Gary Morgan
Gary Morgan's Prophetic Ministry
Brad Cummings
CEO of Windblown Media and Shiloh Road Publisher
Dennis McIntee
The Drama Free Guy - Taking the drama out of teams
Paul & Hannah McClure
Bethel Music
Bishop Michael Babin
Genesis the Kings Church
Joining You In Tahoe!
Bethel Music
Our Father - Hannah McClure
Jesus We Love You - Paul McClure
Gary Morgan
Ministry Time
Brad Cummings
The Shack (Movie 2017) Official Trailer 'Believe'
FRIDAY MAY 5TH , 9:30AM - 1:00 PM & 8:00PM - 10:00PM  (MST)

Over 3 days, working live with Lance – one of America’s most sought out coaches - you’ll gain the understanding, and the tools and strategies, to help you create the clarity, love, passion, success and fulfilment you have been laboring to make manifest.

Understand the forces that are shaping everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take. On Day 1 you’ll learn to:
Identify who you are called to be in your next critical chapter
Clarify the twin forces shaping your mental landscape
Discover and take hold of your Primary Driving Force
Use the power of choice to change the total trajectory of your personal story
SATURDAY MAY 6TH, 9:30AM - 1:00 PM & 8:00PM - 10:00PM  (MST
What is the significant core story of your life? Which of the 6 human needs have you met by having this story? How has this story affected your life? And what’s wrong with this story?
Start defining what the new story of your life will be.
Analyze the Dominant and Driving Emotions of your life.
Build your heavenly alignment with the empowering virtues that will drive you forward regardless of obstacles.
Unearth the primary pattern that controls and guides the focus of your entire life and how you can change it forever.
SUNDAY MAY 7TH, 9:30AM - 1:00 PM (MST)
On Day 3, your destiny is determined by the choices you make. What have been the consequences of the positive and the negative choices in your life?
Realize what has held you back and what will truly motivate you through your OPEN DOOR.
Discover how to instantly overcome old destructive patterns and replace them with new empowering overcoming states.
Begin a new updated goal setting process to create a clear strategy to access the compelling future God is showing you.
Ok, I've given you a taste of what we have in store for you at the Dream Trip, but let me assure you that I've left A LOT more unsaid than said.

Still, the session highlights above should be more than enough for you to make a decision on whether or not this event is right for you. But before you decide one way or the other, here are some additional “BONUS SESSIONS” you should know about on the Dream Trip:

1. CREATE YOUR ULTIMATE VISION . Change your values, change your life. If you were to really design your own life, if you were to create a set of values that would shape the ultimate destiny you desired, what would they need to be?

•    Discover exactly what you need to live according to your highest values
•    Then develop Your Updated Mission Statement - a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate vision! Yea!

2. CHART YOUR 2017 PATH TO PREEMINENCE IN YOUR SPHERE . One of the many key distinctions shared by happy and successful people is clarity and focus.

•    Imagine living every day with unbelievable clarity - where everything you think, say, believe, feel, want, and do is directed toward one powerful outcome.
•    Imagine knowing that by Gods grace, you are the master of your experience and that you are totally in control of each moment of your life.

3. REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. There is perhaps no greater source of joy, happiness, and fulfillment or sorrow, heartbreak, and pain than the area of human relationships. They are also the area of life that brings up the most fear: fear we aren’t enough or that we won’t be loved.

The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.
•    Learn about the force that controls all relationships.
•    Discover the tools and disciplines necessary to attract the right relationships
•    Create your ultimate relationships to ensure that key relationships continue to deepen, magnify and grow through time.

4. DISCOVER THE ELEMENTS OF A TRUE "MICRO-CHURCH" or set of relationships that touch 6 “A” game characteristics accelerating:

•    Access to the realm where the
•    Anointing is released that contains the updated…
•    Agenda and assignment of heaven with the
•    Authority necessary to
•    Administrate the spiritual and natural resources God has given you along with the power to
•    Adjudicate in prayer when opposition comes against the vision.
There's no reason to procrastinate or consider this opportunity any longer. The time for action is now, because May will be here before you know it.

And believe me, when it's the week after the event and everyone is buzzing about all the “great content”, you won't want to be the person standing on the outside wondering what everyone else is so excited about.

So REGISTER NOW before you miss your chance!

See you in Tahoe,
Lance and Annabelle Wallnau

P.S. I guarantee you this...

You will leave this event armed with everything you need to strengthen your relationships and have the support you need to honor the path God has set for you!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a LiveStream?
You are able to virtually join the excitement of Dream Trip 2017 right from home! Watch the LIVE video stream May 5-7, 2017 brought to you by Dr. Lance Wallnau Ministries. Enjoy, interact, and watch the live feed from any of your internet connected devices.

When is this happening?
See the schedule above for exact dates and times, but essentially you get to watch along LIVE during each session. You'll get a special link to go to where you will log in to watch the show live (or catch up if you missed a session).
Can I purchase this access in advance? How do I access the show on the day of the event?
We actually recommend you purchase your access in advance. Then connect a few minutes before the show.
You can access the live stream by signing into your LiveStream account at
Is the LiveStream available on mobile devices?
Yes it is! You can connect from your computer, phone, or tablet anytime you want to. Anytime after registering, simply login with your account information and gain full access!
I'll be unable to watch all sessions live - will the sessions be recorded and available for replay?
YES! The sessions will be recorded and available for replay at any time! That means, if you are in a different country or if you just can’t make the live broadcast, no worries, you can watch them on demand when you are ready.
How long will we have access to the videos after the Dream Trip?
You will have access to live stream videos for up to 12 months after the date of the event.
Can I watch from different computers or phones at the same time?
Yes, when you registered/purchased access on one computer/tablet/phone you can simply use the same credentials to watch on another device.
Do I need to download anything to view the live stream?
No. Once you purchase you have instant access to the Internet video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser. It works on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. But you have to ensure you have a proper internet connection for video.
My payment is rejected, what do I do?
It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, you can try to use a different payment method or please contact us at for assistance processing your payment.
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