Our theme is simple... "Sheep Nations Rising"
The 7m Summit is a new type of conference. While other events focus on encounters and big name speakers - this conference is all about you. We are gathering the remnant who hear the call of God and are willing to receive a commission and anointing to “break down, build and plant.” It’s the anointing of massive Reformation.

That's why in this year during the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation that rocked the political, religious and economic foundations of Europe and paved the path for Christian civilization in the West we are coming together to organize, county by county, mountain by mountain - right now to take ALL 7!

What To Expect...
Valuable Connections

Networking with other Christians who see the dangers facing President Donald Trump in terms of the "coup" being organized against him.
Grassroot Mobilization

MOBILIZE the grassroots for the spiritual and political battle ahead. We will build a more unified and powerful coalition of influence, moving AS ONE! 
Multiply Your Influence

Learn the 4 characteristics of a Sheep nations and how you can use them to identifying the keys to expanding our influence and multiplying your favor.
The Agenda
Culture and The Nations
Impartation & Activation - Lydia Stanley/Band

Issachar Rising: The Trends That Futurists See!

The Glory of Nations: Tapping into the power of the age to come!

The Prophet's Perspective: How to Win the Battle for America - Jeremiah Johnson

Our Finest Hour: The Call to Unity, Humility, and Audacity
Take All 7
Impartation & Activation - Lydia Stanley/Band

Why Revival Isn't Enough: Revival vs. Reformation, The 7m Revolution

Kingdom Activism: Explain How Christians and Conservatives Can Make a Massive Difference - Lee Stranahan

A Passionate Call For A Radical Church: How to Win the Battle for America - Mario Bramnick

The Ultimate Force Multiplier: The Church that Needs to Arise in America
Spiritual Life Strategy
Impartation & Activation - Lydia Stanley/Band

Sphere Wars: Heaven and Hell Collide - Whose Version of Reality Will Manifest?

Understanding the ABC's of Left and Right Influence and Persuasion - Lee Stranahan

The Nature Of Things To Come: Find Your Place in the 7m Strategy and Mark Your Territory!
Our Speakers
Lance Wallnau  
Lance Learning Group
Lydia Marrow-Stanley  
Shake The Nations Ministries
Jeremiah Johnson  
Jeremiah Johnson Ministries
Lee Stranahan
Citizen Journalism School
Mario Bramnick
New Wine Ministries
You Are Holy - Lydia Marrow
Shekinah Glory - Lydia Marrow
Jeremiah Johnson's Prophetic Word About Donald Trump
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Frequently Asked Questions
LIVESTREAM: Can I watch later if I'm not available at any point that weekend?
Absolutely! We designed your livestream account to allow you to keep access to the event recordings for six months after we hold the event - so anywhere, any time, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.
7m Summit - Lance Wallnau
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