Join us JULY 9-15, 2017!

Summer is here and that means it’s time to get real…
Time to talk about things that REALLY matter, share memories that are REALLY fun, build friendships that REALLY last, and worship a God that’s REALLY worth it.

So if you’re ready to get REAL this summer then I have just the place for you!

JOIN US July 9th – July 15th in Fort Mill, South Carolina for 7m GEN LEADERSHIP CAMP with Dr. Lance Wallnau.

What is 7m Gen Camp?

7m Gen Camp is the camp for young adults with bright futures. This is where the visionaries of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Founded by Dr. Lance Wallnau - an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketplace Ministry - 7m Gen Camp is the place to learn the necessary skills for those interested in taking their destiny by the reigns while realizing their ultimate potential. At camp, students will learn:

    Skills to push them to the pinnacle of their career
    Various tools used to implement conflict resolution
    How to deal with the backlash of being at the forefront of their dream job
    Emotional Intelligence
    Personality profiles used by Fortune 500 companies
    And how to be their best self!

Our goal at this camp is to prepare our students with the know-how to manage their time, their expectations, and, ultimately, themselves so they can achieve anything and everything they set out to accomplish.

What does it take to be a camper?

    between the ages of 16 - 24
    have a good sense of right and wrong
    identify Jesus as Lord of their life
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Here's what some Past campers have said...
"I literally loved everything. I loved the food, the staff, the structure of each day.

I thought all the activities were amazing.

Thank you for everything!"              
"I loved the teachings, military game, and the I Am statements!"
"Thanks for saving my life." - Daniel
"It's the happiest place on earth." - Jackson L.
 "7m Gen Camp cultivates a beautifully infectious environment that truly implements change. The tools that we receive here are practical and transferable. What sets this camp apart from the rest is that we get to see an ideal to amount to and then we're provided with the attainable measures needed to acquire that goal." -- Selena H.
"I loved the sessions. Great speakers!"
"I loved the teachings and speakers. All amazing and inspiring."
"I loved how welcoming everyone was!"
"Camp was honestly challenging and fantastic.

I feel so full with the spirit of knowledge.

I really liked the balance of structure and freedom."
This summer we will:
Unlock Your Personal Development
Discover Your Gifts & Talents
Connect to Your Core Passion
Sharpen the Believer's Edge
Overcome Hurts
Develop Key Relationships
Learn How to Defend Your Beliefs
... and more!
If you’re ready for something different... if you’re ready to get real... then you’re ready for 7m Gen Camp!!
Registration includes: Lodging, Food, Training, and all event activities!
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Lance & Annabelle Wallnau
Lance Learning
Randy Bixby
Founder, Character Genetics
Chelsea Hicks
Lance Learning, 7m Gen Camp Director
Frequently Asked Questions
My payment has been rejected, what do I do?
It might be that your bank is refusing the payment, so you may try to contact them (see phone number at the back of your card). Alternatively, you can try to use a different payment method or please contact us at for assistance processing your payment.
How do I get to camp?
Camp has moved! Camp will be located at MorningStar in Fort Mill, SC. The closest airport is Charlotte Douglass International Airport (CLT). You are responsible for your travel to the venue of the event. We will not be providing rides to/from the airport.                            
When should I arrive and depart camp?
Please arrive at the facility on Sunday, July 9th, between 2:00pm-7:00pm. Please depart the facility Saturday, July 15th, by 1pm.
Are scholarships or payment plans available?
YES! Please contact our staff at for more information about scholarships and payments plans. Scholarships are limited. We suggest raising the funds through sites like if you are in need of a scholarship. Please understand that registration must be paid in full PRIOR to arrival at camp.
Are parents allowed to stay at MorningStar during the event?
We do not allow parents to stay at MorningStar during the event or attend the event. MorningStar closes down for the month of July and allows us special access to their location for the week of camp so the majority of the facility will be closed.                            
What are the requirements to be a camper?
Campers must be between the ages of 16 and 24 to attend camp, with a good sense of 'right and wrong', and one who identifies Jesus as Lord of their life.

All I ask is that you don't send me hostage youth who don't want to be there. The teens and young adults that make it to this special week are the best youth in America and I want them connecting with other high potential individuals. They don't have to be 'on fire' when they arrive (we will take care of that), but they do have to know something about what to expect. We are training spiritual forces - Killer Sheep!
What is your cancellation/refund policy?
If cancellation is requested before June 20, 2017 a full refund of your registration minus an administrative fee of $200.00 will be returned to you. After July 1, 2017 all cancellations will remit no refund but can be transferred to another student or donated into our scholarship fund. Please be sure that you agree to this policy, failure to accept the terms and conditions of this policy will equate an incomplete registration.
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