Join us FOR DREAM TRIP August 16 - 19
in Washington DC!

We're taking Dream Trip to the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC this year.
(but it’s not what you think)
 I know what it feels like to wonder - “When Lord? When will it be my turn?” 

Your life, is a calling to touch MANY. You were created to make a difference - I know you feel that! There are people attached to your destiny. What people? Your family for one. The people closest to you should see your dedication. Your children, friends and family should look at your life and say, "that's the way I want to live!" Of course... then there are the multitudes of people attached to your destiny you come into contact with every day.

Your destiny is TOO IMPORTANT to mess up!

I travel a lot and I’m seeing supernatural doors opening all over the place. It's a new season and I don’t want any of my friends missing out. So many people tell me they are in "transition" but let's get clear - transition should not take forever .

Here's how you know if you're stuck... There’s a difference between “cycles” and “circles.” If you’re going up a mountain you “cycle” like a corkscrew upward. It seems like a circle but the distance to YOUR GOALS at the top is getting shorter and the view is loftier and better each time. You can see and feel PROGRESS.

If you are going in circles you’re going around the mountain NOT up it - meaning there's no progress. The scenery never changes! To be blunt, if the situation isn't changing you are doing something wrong.

Here is what I have discovered:
There are 3 things you need to SHIFT to master transition: Timing, Technique and Terrain...
Let me put it to you this way... do you know that saying, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you?” Well the Bible says that what you don’t know can KILL you! “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Notice who this applies to: MY PEOPLE,” not worldly people but good old Christian people who perish.

Now this verse doesn't deal with salvation, it deals with unnecessary loss. The word “perish” is the Hebrew word “Damah” which means: to cease, cause to end, cut off, destroy or ruin.
This kind of "Knowledge" applies to BUSINESS, MINISTRY, FAMILY... any area! It may be just one single insight that can shift your situation. Well.. that's part of my NEW TRAINING!

Imagine THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE as an ancient key with grooves on two sides:

1.) On one side you discover Your REAL Identity. Not who you've been but...Who God sees when He looks at you. This knowledge reveals who YOU are to BE and what YOU are specifically called to DO in THIS SEASON. This VISION pulls you like a magnet out of your present and into your future.

2.) On the other side of the key is your WISDOM strategy for the journey. This is the place where "divine appointments" occur rapidly. You will also refine your specialized methodology. It's your unique approach. Your "Slingshot Strategy." Stay grounded and you'll discover a deeper awareness of God’s presence as you walk in conscious rhythm with His purpose. Your new harvest involves new prosperity and new enemies.

Just like in the natural, an open door, window, or harvest can be neglected, "perish" come to ruin, and be lost. THE KEY is in recognizing the time of your visitation and knowing what to do.
For YOU the most important “knowledge” you need is the knowledge about your UPDATED prophetic calling. 
Every NEW SEASON comes with a NEW DOOR of OPPORTUNITY, an UPGRADE in IDENTITY and sharpening of your UNIQUE METHODOLOGY... moving from circles to cycles all starts with a CLEAR UPDATED prophetic vision for your next 10 years.

Are you ready to update your vision?

If your ready for REAL transition is a crossing over into NEW territory then I want you to join me for this year’s 2018 Dream Trip in Washington DC at the Trump International Hotel! You'll discover new allies and new insights.

Realize the KEY to your breakthrough:

1. The TIME is NOW
2. The TECHNIQUE are the models I will show you and the experience you will have.
3. The TERRAIN is the new territory that's about to open. You've seen it in your dreams.
Take 3 days with me to explore what God is doing now DURING OUR DAY... Behold it is a NEW THING!
  • Receive an impartation of the prophetic anointing falling in 2018 to secure your land and spiritual inheritance.
  • Take Hold of Heavens DREAM for your life, your family and your legacy.
  • Take 3 days to discover the person YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE.
  • Take 3 days to boldly name and shatter your constraints, annihilating the forces aligned against you.
  • Take 3 days to build the harvest business of your dreams.
  • Learn how to attract the right team into your dream.
  • Start doing business with your dream client and your dream customer!
  • Find the place of your flourishing, locate your harvest, expand your field and put an end to struggling with financial and emotional insufficiency.
  • Find and refine your Unique Methodology. Your Slingshot.
  • Discover the path to MASTERY in your calling. Receive from MENTORS and Take hold of the MODELS others are using and MANIFEST what God called you to bring forth!
  • And So Much More...
THAT'S WHAT THE 2018 WASHINGTON D.C. DREAM TRIP IS ALL ABOUT! An updated assignment, anointing and tools to harvest your inheritance. We have never seen this chapter before. God want's you to update and RECALIBRATE our personal vision with what is happening NOW!

Children grow up and become adults. Every 3 years parents need to recalibrate with teens or they drift apart when they leave home. Couples change. Couples often divorce at the time the last child leaves. Why? They changed and never knew how to recalibrate and reconnect around who they are as a couple.

The same drift can happen with your destiny and with God. We can drift apart and not know it till a crisis comes. Don't settle for less if your heart is crying out for more. 
If you are hitting obstacles or setbacks to your vision - I want to help you.
If you are young I want to teach you how to master these ideas early so you can reach the top of your game faster!
If you're 55 and older know this - you're not too old! In fact, the technical word for destiny is "convergence"- when your gifts, talents and acquired skills all comes together. Most people hit convergence after 50 to 60 yrs of age. What's great about being older is you don't care what people think. With longer life spans your SECOND DREAM CAREER is about to start at 60. I'm seeing it happen all over the place. It’s your time now.
Here’s my take on this. If you had total laser like clarity on who you really are and what you’re called to do you would be unstoppable. The question is are you running with a fresh commission or an expired passport? There is “fruit in its season.” You need to know what fruit is YOURS in THIS SEASON. 
You need a prophetic update on WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS HOUR! - MOST believers are still running on the prophetic calendar from 3 years ago. Something huge has shifted in the earth, and many shakings are attached to the new era. 
You need an updated encounter with who God is as He engages nations and economic systems in this decade. They thought the Messiah would come as a lion and he came as a lamb. Today we are looking for the lamb and He is roaring like a lion! 
Equally, you need an updated encounter with who YOU are! 
I want to help you get POWERFULLY CLEAR ABOUT YOUR PROPHETIC VISION and the next steps you need to take to go THROUGH THE DOOR of INCREASE, EXPANSION and IMPACT! 
· August 17th - 19th ·
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Over 3 days, working live with Lance – one of America’s most sought out trainers and coaches - you’ll gain the understanding, tools and strategies, to help you take hold of the clarity, love, passion, success and fulfillment you have been laboring to make manifest.

This Dream Trip, let's you get clear on your DESTINY BLUEPRINT! If you could design your life, if you were given power to create a set of driving beliefs and dominating emotional states that would be the formula to drive you to your ultimate destiny, what would these be? If you were a Formula One race car and your secret formula was a mix of high octane beliefs and certain unstoppable states of heart what would they be? Who says you can't do that ON PURPOSE!? Everything you need is IN YOU NOW by the power of the Spirit inside you!
FRIDAY AUGUST 17TH, 8:00AM - 1:30 PM & 3:00PM - 10:00PM (EST)

On Day 1 we will start building your Destiny Blueprint and define what you need more of and less of to get where you are called to go! On Day 1 you’ll learn to:
DISCOVER THE BIG PICTURE: Like a puzzle piece you have to see the lid of the box to know the part you have in your hand and where it fits. Start by aligning with the agenda of heaven over the gathering!
New Insights into YOU! Figure out exactly what drives you right now. The "hidden drivers" behind what you do. We will explore your program and see how it's working. Explore the "Law of Intention" and how you're getting what you are intending - whether you know it or not.
Analyze your "competing commitments" that neutralize your power in actualizing vision. Working thru the 4 Stages of the Destiny Process. Identifying where you are in the process.

Then we will define what you need most in your life right now- the missing piece. First draft development of Your updated Destiny Blueprint - Discover a step-by-step process for "sensing the future" that wants to show up. Redefining the beliefs and values and optimum states  that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate 1-3-5-10 yr. vision! Yea!
Imagine living every day with unbelievable clarity - where everything you think, say, believe, feel, want, and do is directed toward one powerful outcome. 
Imagine knowing that by Gods grace, you are the master of your experience and that you are totally in control of each moment of your life. Ha! just kidding. Learning to cooperate with God and how to know Heaven is interrupting your agenda. The art of FLOW.
Building an irresistible magnet to Attract the FORCE MULTIPLYING presence of God (and the activity of Angels.) The elements of power connecting and the five features of " Accord"!
SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH, 8:00AM - 1:30 PM & 3:00PM - 10:00PM (EST)

There is perhaps no greater source of joy, happiness, and fulfillment or sorrow, heartbreak, and pain than the area of human relationships. They are also the area of life that brings up the most fear: fear we aren’t enough or that we won’t be loved.
 Learn about the force that controls all relationships! 
 Discover the personal dynamics of favor 2.0 and the disciplines necessary to read people. All people have agendas and thats not bad. Attracting the right relationships is not less important than learning how to discern who does not belong in your innermost circle. 
How to create your ultimate relationships to ensure that key relationships continue to deepen, magnify and grow through time. The Power of Prophetic Affirmation.
It’s TIME TO ENTER THE NEXT LEVEL OF GODS PLAN FOR YOU. You do this with the people closest to you. TO do this you must learn the science of “recalibration.” It’s a powerful process that helps you come together and discover what God is calling you as Couples or Teams to Co-create in the next season. 
SUNDAY AUGUST 19TH, 8:30AM - 4:00 PM (EST)
On Day 3, your destiny is determined by the choices you make. What have been the consequences of the positive and the negative choices in your life?
Realize what has held you back. Mastering Constraint Theory and the 5 Laws of Personal Constraints impacting you and your Organization Constraints. How to create a culture of 100% buy-in! 
Discover how to instantly detect old destructive patterns and replace them with new empowering overcoming patterns.
Begin a new updated goal setting process to create and access the compelling future God is showing you. Exploring the power of Internal Alignment and your I AM Statement!
This weekend will be different. God chose THIS LOCATION at THIS TIME for a reason! It’s not just a quest for a greater prophetic vision for your life, I want to download into your spirit the revelation the Lord has given me about the prophetic vision for America and the nations and the era we are in.
God is sending a mighty shaking to the land. You who know me can bear witness that I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve been on the front lines of this thing with Donald Trump and his Cyrus call from the beginning. For the last decade I have hammered on the Seven Mountains till the language went global. Still, in spite of that the church has no meaningful penetration of Media - and look what media is doing? The same can be said about Academia, the stronghold of marxist indoctrination of our youth - with our tax dollars. Do I have to say anything about Arts and Late Night Television? Even businesses so fear boycotts by activists that they cower in submission. 

"Where there is NO VISION the PEOPLE CAST OFF RESTRAINT." Why is there such chaos and lawlessness? Clearly, the nation has “cast off restraint.” 

And why did it cast off restraint? Because America has lost it’s prophetic identity. Look, this is the ultimate "recalibration" - your nation needs you to get your prophetic vision clear so you can help it rediscover its identity. The nation is in a turbulent wrestling match. Spiritual warfare is about whose version of reality will prevail on earth - Heaven or Hell? YOU are a Prophetic Voice to speak forth the identity of the Nation.

As I prophesied, God sent a "wrecking ball" into this situation to "make the crooked mountains straight." (Isaiah 45:3)

You are part of that wrecking ball! And you are called to occupy land that is not able to resist you - if you move in the boldness, wisdom and zeal of this anointing. 

Your destiny and calling is wrapped up in this heavenly battle - the battle over the harvest of souls and nations. Trust me, if you get that revelation down you’ll plug into your lane - and all the faster! The kingdom of heaven is real and nations have been given to Jesus as His inheritance. THAT is the dream the Father is manifesting in your lifetime. You and I must catch up to where our face is supposed to be as a voice to ourselves in the mirror and then to our families, our sphere of influence and the nations. 

 To "Make America Great Again" it will require something more than a President can do. His battle is in the natural, but the remnant God is raising up has spiritual authority in every sphere of our assignment. Your Destiny Blueprint will unfold in the midst of this battle - which is why you need to understand your call and the call to your Nation in the next two years, six years and till the end of this decade.

That is why we felt led to do this event at the majestic Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. The perfect place for this spiritual transaction and impartation.

The Lord told me that this is where many of you are going to get aligned with the office and assignment He has called you to in the nations. It is a governing mantle, a “govern-mantle” anointing as my friend Randy Bixby calls it. It is time you began to rule and shape the territory you are sent to occupy - from the inside out. Beginning with you! 

Now I am prophesying again, this is going to be one of the most anointed impartation and activation experiences of your life! It’s not just me either. The people I chose to teach you have proven MASTERY in their field. You will be exposed to Mastery, Models that work and Methods to accelerate your success and your access through the OPEN DOOR- while it is open.

This is your moment to break out!
Sometimes I need a kick in the pants and sometimes I need Annabelle to give me a hug. Since I don’t know which one you need please allow me to give you both. 

Here’s the kick to get you moving. You have promises or prophecies that have not come to pass? Well, God is faithful to do what He promised. BUT NEVER FORGET - GOD’S PROMISES HAVE TIMING AND THAT INCLUDES EXPIRATION DATES! Jesus admonished us to "work while it is day for the night cometh when no man can work." 

For instance, you can’t go back in time and be a better parent once your kids leave home. You can’t do a better job evangelizing someone who is deceased. You can’t receive impartation and mentoring from someone who is no longer in that job. Or put another way, you have to respond to the opportunity of a lifetime WITHIN THE LIFETIME OF THAT OPPORTUNITY! 

I’m telling you the time is NOW! More specifically, if you are 50 yrs old or older, if the thing you’re doing isn’t working you don’t need a revival, prophecy or a fresh anointing - you need a different approach- a better strategy! If you keep doing what you’ve done you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. One mentor really nailed me. He said “be hard on yourself and life will be easy on you. Most people do it the other way round and at the end life wind up broke and embarrassed. Don’t be that person."

Ok That's the kick. Now the hug - if you can apply just HALF of what we cover, you'll be so far ahead in 12 months that your state of mind, your finances and your relationships will look transformed! I'm so convinced of this I will pay you back your entire tuition if at the end of the first day you don't see the POWER of TRANSFORMATION already at work in your life! Just come tell me and I will refund you no questions asked and release you from the program. You can even keep the materials! That's how powerful I know this Dream Trip will be. 
I want to show you some greater detail on how to bring the future into the present by plugging you into research from M.I.T in a model they call “Theory U.” It’s wild. Even the secular world is discovering that there is a future that actually WANTS to be made manifest. They’ve tapped into some concepts that you can immediately transfer to your life,family, business and ministry. 

Today's Winners Follow A Simple 3 Step Formula
Mastery + Models + Mentors = Success
The people I see getting breakthroughs stopped waiting for money to come to them or a door to just magically open. They found a mentor with mastery and learned their model!

Let me say that again. YOU NEED A MENTOR WITH MASTERY THAT CAN TEACH YOU A MODEL SO YOU CAN GO DO IT YOURSELF! That’s why at our 3 day event we will be training you the keys you can apply to achieve personal mastery, relationship mastery, spiritual mastery, leadership mastery and business mastery. That’s over 20 hours of expert teaching designed to mentor you in the areas you need it most. 

There's no reason to procrastinate or consider this opportunity any longer. The time for action is now, because August will be here before you know it and by September it will be too late.

And believe me, when it's the week after the event and everyone is buzzing about all the “great experience in D.C.” you won't want to be the person standing on the outside wondering what everyone else is so excited about.

I guarantee you this... If this isn't what I said, you can get a full refund at the end of the first day and keep the hand out materials you got! Put the risk on me.

No matter what program you may have done with me in the past, nothing will compare to the IMPACT and IMPARTATION coming in this event. 
What you say NO to determines what your FUTURE says YES to! 
If you have any questions or troubles placing your order, please visit us at and submit a ticket for assistance.

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